Friday, November 1, 2013

Because this just HAS to be shared

It was a super Halloween!  This was the first year that Zachary was excited about trick-or-treating.  It could be because his best buddy, David, came over to go out with him.  They made it all the way around our street before deciding it would be more fun to come inside and play with cars.  Samantha and Conor did a surprisingly great job of tolerating their costumes, and made it to one house before deciding it would be more fun to poop in theirs.







Yeah, I know I could say a lot more, but time, people, time! It's not on my side lately. :) There is not even enough time to reduce the size of these accidentally gargantuan photos!! 

I hope you're all healthy and happy and that your Halloween was super as well!


  1. It has been so long since you posted pictures of your babies, I SERIOUSLY do not even recognize Conor! Samantha looks the same, just bigger. But Conor has changed so much! And Zachary? My Lord, that boy is handsome. Please keep this up. When Little Miss Missy arrives, you'll have even less time to blog. So you need to store up some posting goodwill with your fans (me!) now!
    P.S. I LOVE the superheroes theme. So cute!

  2. OMG--these are just TOO much! I die! Wonder Woman especially--she is all over that suit. Love it!

  3. Wow, your "babies" look so much older here!! Love the matching costumes.